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Sleep Disorder Diagnosis

The Diagnosis of Snoring/Obstructive Sleep Apnea requires a two-step process. An Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist) is able to thoroughly evaluate the nasal passages as well as the mouth and throat to figure out the likely source(s) of obstruction.

If OSA is suspected, it is recommended that the patient undergo a sleep test. Traditionally, this would involve spending an uncomfortable and expensive night in a hospital Sleep Lab.

Thankfully, with the evolution of technology in the field of sleep disorders, Home Sleep Tests are now available in which the patient is able to have the sleep study performed comfortably in the natural environment of their own bed at a fraction of the cost of the traditional Hospital Sleep Lab.

The North Atlanta Snoring and Sleep Apnea Center of Weiss ENT is proud to feature the WatchPAT Home Sleep Test. This amazing technology, made by Itamar Medical, features a lightweight wristband worn on the nondominant hand. A small probe is placed over the index finger to monitor Peripheral Arterial Tone. A small sticker is then placed over the tip of the ring finger to monitor oxygenation. Another sticker is placed on the chest to monitor body position and one above it to record snoring. Then off to sleep in your own bed!

Once our patients are suspected of having OSA, they come to our office to spend approximately a half hour learning how to use the WatchPAT at home. They take the device home for their Home Sleep Test that night. Should any questions or difficulties arise during the night of the study, ITAMAR provides a 24-hour on call phone service to make sure the test is successful. The patient brings the WatchPAT back to the office the following morning for interpretation of the study.

The patient is seen by Dr Weiss within a few days to review the results of the WatchPAT study and discuss treatment options based on these results and the physical exam. The Home Sleep Test may also be used after any treatments that may be undertaken to assess for the cure or persistence of OSA.

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